Tradition with a modern Twist

 About Us
Our founder, Ali Kashani- Rafye began making ice cream in Tehran over 75 years ago, and mastered the art of creating authentic Persain-style ice cream.  He brought his recipes to the United States in the 1970s and introduced southern California to genuine Persain-style ice cream.  His family continues to create  unique flavors, and one thing has remained constant throughout the years: creating premium ice cream using all-natural, organic ingredients of the highest quality. We will never cut corners for the sake of making money, and take great pride in our product. We love what we do, and hope you will too. Come in and grab a scoop!
  1. Caramel Crunch
    Caramel Crunch
  2. Coconut Ice Cream
    Coconut Ice Cream
  3. Faloodeh
  4. Mixed Berry
    Mixed Berry
  5. Mango